Clean design that leaves a lasting impression. Stories that speak to real people. Art that heals via abstraction.

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Hi, I’m Erin Patrick! I'm a graphic designer, artist and digital marketer with a hunger for telling visual stories, and strategizing the best way to reach and engage audiences.

I have a degree in both mass communication and digital media, and pride myself on my ability to approach projects with both my left and right brain.

Visually, I believe in simplicity with a little bit of flare. In both my design and my art, I focus on shape and color and the way type interacts with both. As a designer I have experience creating projects on both sides of the spectrum for both large and corporate companies, and makers and artists.

As a marketer, I believe in reaching people via strong visual communication paired with the perfect verbiage. Stories speak volumes, and you can tell a story with an image, or a sentence. Simplicity and brevity are key, and authenticity drives home a message.

I’d love to work with you — let’s chat about branding, social media or event graphic design, web design, strategic writing, art and more.

P.S. — Check out the arts + culture publication I co-founded: Sad Girl Co!